Fire Prevention

Fire alarm systems provide invaluable early warning in the event of a fire allowing people the time to safely evacuate a building that has suffered from fire.

Fire safety is not only a requirement to protect occupants of a building it is law under the Fire Safety Order of 2005. We can help ensure your system not only works but meets the required standards set out to ensure a building is properly covered to minimize the risk to occupants and damage to the building.

With a vast array of products on the market from wired to wireless systems, manual and automatic devices we can design the best system to give you the protection you require with the most cost effective equipment. And by using a mixture of hardwired and radio equipment we can reduce the impact a system would have on your building.

So whether you require advice on a new system or help with an existing system get in touch and see if we can help.

Apollo Heitel Hyfire Ctec Advanced Kidde

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